New Decade, Renewed Focus – 2020 Board Positions

It’s 2020 ADPi sisters!  Can you believe it? For 169 years our sisterhood has been growing and evolving.  I wonder what Eugenia, Octavia, Sophronia, Elizabeth, Mary & Ella would think about the sisterhood they created and the multitudes of other sorority organizations they inspired?  My hope is they would be proud of the over 265,000 members that have heeded the call to our ADPi principles of scholarship, leadership, sisterhood and service. And even more excited about the thousands of women yet to come home to ADPi!

2020 launches a new decade, and as an organization Alpha Delta Pi faces many challenges.  In today’s world we are working hard to maintain our right to be a single-sex organization on college campuses throughout the nation; to maintain value and purpose in a world where women have many opportunities to be involved; and to maintain value to our members, beyond the collegiate years.  As President-Elect of the Greater Austin Alumnae Association, I am looking forward to kicking off this decade with amazing ADPI sisters by my side, working to strengthen our bonds and be a community where sisters can network, grow as individuals, and contribute to educating our incoming generation of sisters. 

The Greater Austin Alumnae Association (GAAA) has made incredible strides and growth in the past couple of years.  With this rapid growth, the organization needs additional sisters to lend their talents and know-how to continue to build our presence and support for our local chapters, as well as Alpha Delta Pi Internationally.  We hope you will consider running for one of our board positions. In addition to our traditional positions: President, President-Elect, Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Programs, Treasurer, Secretary, Philanthropy Chair, Alumnae-Collegiate Relations, Communications, and Panhellenic Delegate, we are looking to appoint some additional positions to help support the organization. 

This year we are looking to add: 

  • Young Alumnae Chair to focus on the recruitment/retention of new Pi’s in GAAA
  • Week of Service Chair to focus on the annual philanthropic event we as a group will participate in during ADPi’s annual Week of Service held in the fall
  • Lunch Bunch Chair to coordinate a monthly “lunch bunch” for members looking for a group to network/socialize on a consistent basis
  • Panhellenic Luncheon Chair to organize our representation at the Austin Panhellenic Luncheon held in the spring

Each officer spends approximately 5-10 hours per month on her duties.  Some roles call for additional meetings outside of our ADPi meetings (ie. Panhellenic Delegate, Alumnae-Collegiate Relations, etc). 

We will be electing officers at our Annual Board Meeting on Saturday, February 1st.  Should you be interested in running for any of these positions, please feel free to reach out to Mary Moore or myself either on Facebook or at, and we can answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to seeing you in February!


Jacquelyn Noack

President: Runs meetings; oversees all projects; communicates with Executive Office and International Officers; works with all officers to plan association activities

President-Elect: Serves in this position to learn the duties of the President, will take over the President position the following year. Sends meeting minutes to Alumnae Communications Director, maintains Pi Portal roster of officers and members. Helps with posting on Association social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, etc.

VP Membership: Keeps up with all members; requests lists from Executive Office to update area roster regularly; sends invitations for membership; introduces new members to other sisters; assists Treasurer with collecting dues

VP Programs: Organizes all meetings; coordinates activities organized by the board to ensure a well-balanced calendar; serves as a contact for activities.

Treasurer: Collects dues; keeps up with who has paid; pays fees to Executive Office; balances checking account; encourages savings for Convention; remind alumnae of ReMember dues

Secretary: Takes minutes at meetings; maintains a directory of members; submits the Adelphean report due annually; submits pictures to the Adelphean; assists with positive PR for the association

Philanthropy Chair: Organizes philanthropy activities at the RMH and other charities; arranges for PR for the events

Panhellenic Delegate: Serves as the Alpha Delta Pi’s representative at the Austin Alumnae Panhellenic Association (AAPA); serves in the AAPA Board position as determined by the rotation

Alumnae-Collegiate Relations: Organizes activities with Delta and Zeta chapters; serves as the liaison between the chapters and the association; communicates with the chapters’ Alumnae Relations Chair.

Communications Chair: Compiles and sends a monthly newsletter with the assistance of officers; utilizes the Austin Alphie Facebook to post to the group

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