In 1851 Eugenia Tucker Fitzgerald and five, faithful friends founded the first secret society for women while students at Wesleyan University. Roughly four years later, these women became the very first alumnae of Alpha Delta Pi. Since then, hundreds of thousands of women have been initiated as sisters. Because ADPi isn’t an organization meant for four-year membership, alumnae associations have popped up across the country to connect alums with others in their cities and continue the commitments members made in college.

ADPi boasts some pretty impressive alumnae. Here in ATX, we hope to continue on their legacies. The Austin Alumnae Association connects sisters hailing from North Carolina to South Dakota to Arizona, and of course, Texas. No matter where and when a Pi sister was initiated into the sisterhood, we welcome them to join us!

As Pi members, our association is involved in various initiatives. One of our biggest duties is to help support collegiate chapters in the area. We actively involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities, specifically the Austin house. Of course, our #1 goal as an alumnae association is to continue sisterhood. We do this by helping local chapters and RMH, but we also host bi-monthly social events like happy hours, craft nights, and educational events.

We hope to hear from you soon about your interest in membership!


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